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Date: Tue Aug 06 2002 - 16:33:27 EDT

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    This is my first attempt to use/post on this list

    NAME: Josh Bembenek

    AGE: 27

    VOCATION: Graduate Student

    EDUCATION: B.S. Molecular Biology, Texas A&M University. Currently working
    on my PhD studying the Cell Cycle. I am specifically interested in exit
    from mitosis signalling and cyclin degradation. One publication so far.....

    RELIGION: Bible-thumping Christian, non-denominational.

    FAMILY: One wife of one year, slight sarcasm intended.

    FAITH JOURNEY: Grew up in a nature/ self worship system of beliefs. My
    parents got divorced and my stepmother introduced us to Mormonism which I
    adhered to with rigourous legalistic righteous zeal. I trusted my life to
    Christ joining the mormon church, but quickly learned a system of works
    designed to allow me acceptance into the Celestial Kingdom. When it came to
    decide to go on a mission at 19 I decided not to go on the mission and
    recieved much peer/social pressure at which point I began to realize that I
    felt brainwashing was more important than truth in the mormon church. Two
    years later I became inactive and challenged God to show himself to me and
    lead me to him if he really existed. Later I read the new testament and
    rededicated my life to Christ, although it was a continual advance in
    realization of the truth and rejection of mormon theology from that point
    on. I am now involved with Watermark Community Church and am trying to
    follow God's lead for developing a ministry there concerning evolution,
    science and christianity from an equipping and evangelical standpoint.
    Found ASA randomly and decided I could keep a pulse on ideas from scientist
    christians while also listening to the various camps like intelligent
    design,, Hugh Ross, etc. Most interested in origins and
    abiogenesis, but also other issues.

    Josh Bembenek

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