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Date: Mon Aug 05 2002 - 23:39:56 EDT

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    Name: Lucien Carroll
    Age: 23
    Vocation: in limbo

    Educational Background: K-12 was split between public schools here in central
    California (a total of 4yrs), and a Wycliffe/SIL center in Colombia (the other
    yrs) where my parents were among my teachers. I completed my BA in Linguistics
    and my BS in Physics just this June, from UC Santa Barbara.

    Religious Background: Growing up on the SIL center, I was surrounded by a
    culture that was about as intelligently and sincerely evangelical as a kid
    could hope for. I gave my life to Christ while still knee-high to a
    grasshopper. Denominational affiliation has been split between EvFree and
    community churches of the evangelical sort.

    What brings me here: I have thought for the last six or eight years that my
    calling was to academia. God made me intellectual and gave me an affinity for
    academic pursuits. Partly I am here to listen to you peoples who have gone
    before me, to learn what it means to be a Christian in academia. In addition,
    over the last several years, as I discussed with non-Christian intellectuals
    our beliefs for really the first time, I began to realize that there were
    issues that I had never dealt seriously with. Under the influence of Hugh Ross
    I gave up YEC while still in high school, and had read some Polkinghorne and
    van Til before coming to the list, but the discussions on this list have been
    quite enlightening at times. Even now, though, I have not found a position on
    Genesis 1-11 and the authority of scripture in general that I am entirely
    comfortable with. The specific questions of creation, flood and Babel are quite
    minor compared to the authority of scripture in general and other issues like

    Books I am currently reading:
    The Divine Conspiracy (Dallas Willard)
    El Laberinto de la Soledad (Octavio Paz)
    The Scandal of the Evangelical Mind (Mark Noll) (on you people's rec)
    Jesus in Contemporary Scholarship (Marcus Borg)
    Will the Real Jesus Please Stand Up? (Craig, Crossan, et al)
    The Apostolic Fathers (trans Lightfoot & Harmer)

    Books I hope to soon read:
    Jesus Christ in History and Scripture (McKnight)
    Goedel Escher Bach (Hofstadter)

    Lucien Carroll

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