BIO: Wayne Dawson

Date: Sat Aug 03 2002 - 14:02:12 EDT

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    Name: Wayne Dawson
    Age: 503 and I _still_ can learn new tricks. (:D)
    Vocation: structural biology (3D structure prediction and
    dynamics of RNA and protein systems)
    Ph.D. experimental condensed matter physics,
    University of Tokyo 1996

    MS physics:
    San Jose State University 1992
    primary focus was experimental condensed matter physics
    and molecular spectroscopy.

    BS physics/with chemistry concentration:
    San Jose State University, 1989.
    I probably should have actually applied for a double
    major with chemistry, but anyway, its all in the past.
    I also fulfilled a minor in geology and Russian studies.
    Graduated with great distinction.

    I also have a fair amount of liberal arts background:
    philosophy, history, etc. I entered the University as
    music major, but, well...., here I am. I still actively
    perform music and am actively involved in a music ministry.

    Basically, I would say I have too many interests.
    The only subject I never bothered to study assiduously
    was economics: almost surely the subject I should have
    studied first. On the other hand, I doubt that I would
    have chosen such an interesting journey if I thought
    about the economics of such an endeavor.

    I became a Christian while I was a student in the

    web site url:¥27(B‾¥27(Jdawson¥27(B

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