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    As reports from the American Malacological Society meeting are
    unlikely to be of general interest, I will give biographical
    information instead:

    Name: David Campbell Age: 31
    Vocation: Postdoctoral researcher, University of Alabama, Department
    of Biology. I am currently on a research project working on the
    molecular systematics of freshwater clams, snails, and fishes,
    especially endangered species from the Coosa River drainage.
    Educational Background: BS, Biology, Davidson College 1992; MS,
    Geology (Paleobiology specialization), University of North
    Carolina-Chapel Hill 1995; PhD, Geology (Paleobiology
    specialization), University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill 2000
    Vocational Background: one-year visiting professor of biology, St.
    Mary's College of Maryland (a state school, not religious)
    Research Interests: fossil and modern mollusks (especially bivalves
    and Paleogene taxa); paleontology, evolutionary biology
    Theological Background: Presbyterian Church in America member;
    involvement with InterVarsity Christian Fellowship; assorted reading;
    several years of ASA list discussions.

    Both my faith and my research interests reflect those of my parents,
    who are PCA members and whose graduate research was in invertebrate
    paleontology. Leaving for college made me take a more active role in
    exercising faith, as well as giving greater exposure to Christians
    from other theological backgrounds.
    Other personal:

    Married to Susan just over 2 years, no children
    Other activities: birdwatching, classical music, reading (theology,
    science, fiction, etc. Recent reading includes Wodehouse, Sayers,
    Calvin, Conan Doyle, and articles in Molecular Biology and Evolution
    and Journal of Molluscan Studies)
    I helped provide material for (Society for the
    Preservation of the Pink Plastic Lawn Flamingo) but the content is
    not only irrelevant to the ASA list but to just about anything else.

         Dr. David Campbell
         Old Seashells
         University of Alabama
         Biodiversity & Systematics
         Dept. Biological Sciences
         Box 870345
         Tuscaloosa, AL 35487 USA

    That is Uncle Joe, taken in the masonic regalia of a Grand Exalted
    Periwinkle of the Mystic Order of Whelks-P.G. Wodehouse, Romance at
    Droitgate Spa

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