Faith's basis

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Date: Fri May 31 2002 - 21:33:21 EDT

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    Glenn asked: "If it isn't falsifiable, then do we merely believe it because
    we beleive it to be true? Is faith really based on that type of thin ice?"

    (1) no
    (2) no

    By the grace of God, Glenn, I have been given faith. My belief, therefore,
    is in God, and it is through his son that I apprehend him.

    The Bible is not a book of magic; neither (I claim) is it to be worshipped.
    Generations of Christians lived and died without ever reading it -- without
    ever seeing it -- without ever even knowing of its existence. You and I --
    we are more fortunate. We read it -- it speaks to us -- more specifically --
    the Spirit speaks to us as we study it.

    To return to your question #2, I stand with my fellows in the congregation
    on Sunday and recite the apostles' creed. The older version I know from
    memory. I would not recite it if I did not believe it. But that belief does
    not insist that any particular part of scripture be falsifiable.

    About a month ago Robert Schneider challenged us (me) by asking if the
    resurrection could be considered a "fact." I thought that it ought to be
    considered as such; he successfully convinced me I was wrong. Yes -- some of
    this is word definitions. But words are all we have.



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