Re: I'm tired of posts with no specifics (was "Conservative")

From: Jan de Koning (
Date: Fri May 31 2002 - 11:45:02 EDT

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    At 10:21 AM 31/05/02 +0000, Jim Eisele wrote:
    >Jan writes
    > >Your interpretation is very dangerous, and has turned some young people I
    > >know away from the church.
    >Jan, I almost ignored your post. But, I simply will not tolerate
    >statements like this unless you give me more specifics.

    I have given specifics in the past and will only say now. As a teacher at
    the university one of my tasks was (as every university teacher has) to
    talk to incoming students. There I had every year to discuss with some the
    perceived difference between, for example, biology or geology or . . .and
    Gen.1. These were students from different kinds of Christian
    churches. Many were at the point of leaving the church. Only by praying
    and talking with them and explaining etc. did many stay.

    As far as my answering your postings is concerned, I stopped several weeks
    ago, but you keep talking as if every one who has not exactly your view on
    Gen. 1 is not "conservative", and I take that to mean that they are taking
    liberties with the interpretation of the bible. I resent that. I do not
    call you a liberal, though I think that you take liberties with some other
    texts in the bible in order to fit them in with your reading of Gen.1. Of
    course, I cannot give names, as as a counsellor I cannot reveal their
    names. Some left the church since someone else said that they were not
    agreeing with God.

    Those are all the specifics I can give. I must say, that my posting was
    the result of your claiming exclusive rights to the term "conservative." I
    gave in the past quotes from some well-known orthodox calvinists who
    accepted the possibility of evolution by "conservative" Christians.

    Jim, if you want to keep talking about this it is okay with me, but I will
    not reply, but do not start placing people in categories. Several members
    of the ASA are Christians in difficult positions both at their place of
    work and in their church, because of what they believe.

    BTW I still have not seen how you try to fit your reading of Gen.1 into a
    reasonable orthodox reading of the rest of the Bible.

    Jan de k.

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