From: Jan de Koning (jan@dekoning.ca)
Date: Thu May 30 2002 - 22:54:26 EDT

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    I am a conservative Christian who totally disagrees with you about
    Gen.1. It appears that you want to rip Gen.1 out of the Bible we know, and
    make a "truth" all by itself.
    I have said it before:
    "truth" is more than just "factual"
    Gen.1 has many interpretations by many Christians, and I refuse, to say
    that all of them are wrong.
    Your interpretation is very dangerous, and has turned some young people I
    know away from the church. Compassion with these young people who study
    the theoretical sciences should make your statements more tentative. You
    keep on mentioning Gen.1, but you have not answered any of the objections
    others formulated. I have not yet seen how you integrate Gen.1 with
    Gen.1-3, and Gen1-3 with Gen. 1-11, nor how you fit that in with Gen as a
    whole, nor with the rest of the Bible. That may require a book, but as
    long as you have not really answered any of the objections other gave. we
    don't get anywhere.

    My last words on the subject, but I have said that before.

    Jan de K.

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