Re: Reasons to reject concordism in Genesis 1

Date: Thu May 30 2002 - 14:44:41 EDT

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    Hello Shuan,

    You wrote: I would reject the idea that the Bible was written deliberately to

    Do you also reject the idea that Jesus deliberately worded some of His
    parables in a way that would confuse some people? If you do, you reject Jesus
    Christ's own quite clearly spoken words. (Luke 8:10; Mt. 13:10-15) Since
    Christ said that He worded His parables in a way which would hide their
    meanings from those whose "hearts" had "become calloused," and since those
    parables are recorded in the Bible, logic dictates that at least some parts
    of the Bible are worded in a way to deliberately confuse some people, those
    with hearts which are not open to God. And, as I have said before, since the
    same One who deliberately worded His parables to conceal their meaning from
    some people inspired the writing of the rest of the Bible, we have good
    reason to believe that other parts of the Bible have also been written in the
    same way.

    The fact is, the Bible itself clearly indicates that God "closed up and
    sealed" the full meaning of some portions of the scriptures from everyone
    until a time long after they were written. (Dan. 12:4) If God did this with
    some of Daniel's prophecies it seems quite possible to me that He may have
    also done this with some other portions of scripture, including parts of

    You wrote: I believe that the Bible is in principle comprehensible.

    I agree. At least all the parts of it which have ever been necessary for
    people to understand in order for them to find salvation. However, since
    Daniel tells us that knowledge would increase at the time of the end, we can
    only understand that parts of the Bible were deliberately written in a way
    would prevent all of its contents from being properly understood prior to
    that time. (Dan. 12:4)



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