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Date: Thu May 30 2002 - 12:55:00 EDT

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    Terry -- you wrote: "Let me respond to several of your recent posts with the
    following expression of frustration. I'm sure you are equally frustrated.

    I would put several of your recent posts in the category of serious
    heresy (how's that for openers?)."

    Thanks for the comments. I think you have not understood at least some of
    what I've posted -- and I have little doubt that I could have been a lot
    clearer in some of my comments.

    I'll probably reply later to the body of your post -- let me address the
    above two first.

    (1) No, I am not particularly frustrated. I'm sorry you seem to be. I do
    thrive on the examination of issues, and when someone else holds a different
    opinion that I do, I find that a delight because it may mean I'm going to
    learn something from him. When I went to Borg's lectures recently here in
    Denver, and subsequently read his books, that was the case. I still don't
    agree with Borg on many issues; I do not, however, question his devotion to
    our Lord as he, too, "works out his salvation with fear and trembling."

    In the same way I welcome dialog with you, Glenn, Howard, George Murphy,
    Loren, others, etc. because I learn from all of you, without necessarily
    having to agree with any of you. George, in particular, has opened my eyes a
    lot to his "cross centrality" Lutheran thinking; I just finished yesterday
    reading his 1986 book "Trademark of God." It is great. And Howard may yet
    one day convince me that his model of origins is the best one around. I read
    his books too.

    (2) On "serious heresy." I don't know how to respond to that, I guess.
    Perhaps when I have a chance to go through your post in detail an answer
    will emerge. Defining "heresy" as "adherence to a religious opinion that is
    contrary to the established dogma of a church," (Webster's 3rd Unabridged),
    I would observe that we are all heretics with respect to one or more church
    bodies. So I really don't regard the general assertion you make about me as
    very interesting. Or even provocative. Eye-catching? Yes. <G>

    More later. I suspect that what I have been doing is posing "thought
    problems" as if they represented a claim. Apologies for this. I think that
    you and I are not as far apart of faith essentials as you seem to think.


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