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Date: Thu May 30 2002 - 10:04:54 EDT

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    In regard to the last paragraph, I think that it is a
    useful suggestion to establish some common ground in
    discussion of issues that are clearly implicated by
    the science/faith interface. Broad overlapping
    categories include:

    God's action in the world (how does it take place
    within or outside of "natural" processes, the nature
    of miracles, etc.)

    Theodicy (why does evil exist if God is good and
    omnipotent, how do we define evil, etc.)

    Freewill/personhood (how does what we know about
    neuroscience affect our view of freewill and
    personhood, how does scripture treat free will, etc.)

    Christian morality and its implications for various
    areas of science/engineering (ecology, bioethics,

    Secularism and the academy -- what is it about modern
    academic training/life that apparently leads to the
    promotion of or self-selection for secularism (after
    all the arts and humanities are even more secular than
    the hard sciences or social sciences according to
    polls), differences in disciplines re promotion of
    secular metaphysics and why, etc.

    Lots of big areas to explore. It may help the
    structure of such discussions to have a book or two
    going at any given time to meet the interests of
    various people. It would certainly help focus
    people's discussions and enable perhaps more fruitful
    exploration of these issues.

    Good suggestion, Terry.


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