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Date: Wed May 29 2002 - 21:23:39 EDT

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    tuart rambled: "If I read you right, you are saying that omnipotence is
    dependent on our
    assumptions. No offense, but that is kind of arrogant, and I'm sure you know
    old 'ass of you and me' joke. What else could omnipotence mean, than all
    supreme control, absolute jurisdiction over all creation. I fear you are
    the classic mistake of ascribing human limitation to the divine province. I
    no offence, John, we are all somewhat guilty of it. Christ said, Ye shall
    the truth, and the truth shall set you free. Do you not feel that God is
    omnipotent? It may be easier to understand omnipotence if you allow the
    qualities associated with the supreme being, omniscience, and omnipresence,
    the all-knowing, the only true knowledge, the only true intelligence, even
    only Mind, and all-presence, the only presence, the true being of being,
    which Paul spoke of in which 'we live, and move and have our being'. I do
    think that God tries to control our thoughts a
    nd actions, but that we don't always listen for and acknowledge the true
    thoughts, or the liberating wisdom and intelligence which He is steadily
    supplying us with. That is why He sent His son for our salvation, so we
    learn, through the Wayshower, how to better listen and obey the call of
    omnipotent wisdom and intelligence, which brings the light of salvation, and
    which is the benefit of having 'that mind in us which was also in Christ

    I'm sure the above holds together for you, my friend. It does not for me.
    Many words; little content. Sorry.

    One may ascribe omnipotence to God if he wishes. The advocates of Open
    Theism seem to have a pretty good argument against it.

    Let me, for argument's sake, assume omnipotence, in which I neither believe
    nor disbelievem BTW.

    Assuming onnipotence on the part of God, it seems easy to also assume he
    chooses not to exercise that omnipotence in some instances.

    And that was all I said. That he does so seems (to me) irrefutable.


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