The Shroud of Turin

From: Freeman, Louise Margaret (
Date: Wed May 29 2002 - 08:30:41 EDT

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    I'm interested in the opinions of other scientists on this one. When I was a
    teenager I read everything I could get my hands on about this (of course, that
    was when my career goal was to be a professional Bigfoot hunter, but that's
    another story.)

    As I grew older, I lost interest, though I remember seeing news reports that
    the Catholic church has officially accepted the results of radio-carbon dating
    that place the Shroud too recent to be authentic.

    So, in your opinion, is the shroud
    A) the authentic burial cloth of Jesus, the image unexplianable by science and
    therefore an unmistakable "fingerprint" of the resurrection?
    B) a fraudelent "artifact" created in the Middle Ages.. their version of the
    "day missing in time" myth?
    C) something else
    D) Jury's still out.


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