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From: J Burgeson (
Date: Tue May 28 2002 - 16:00:39 EDT

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    On 10 May, I wrote to Glenn: I do not use science (scientific
    >techniques and mindset) to apprehend God. That does not work. I see you as
    >trying to use the scientific technique to apprehend God -- this is probably
    >what I meant when I said you had the "YEC mindset."

    Glenn replied: "NO, this is what I have never been able to get across
    successfully on this list. I am NOT apprehending God, I am apprehending the
    message (book) which purports to be FROM God."

    OK. I'll accept the difference. But what is meant by the phrase "form God."
    You and I and most Xtians hold that the scriptures are, in some way,
    different from, say, the writings of Augustine, or Billy Graham. I don't
    think either of us think that they were dictated by God to the authors.

    I see them more as a record of how each author of the time apprehended God.
    Some did it well -- some, as for instance the Psalmist who wanted to bash
    the brains out of the Babylonian infants, less well.


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