Re: Randomness

From: J Burgeson (
Date: Tue May 28 2002 - 15:45:36 EDT

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    Stuart wrote: "This premise is debatable, and can logically be demonstrated
    to be erroneous:
    If one acknowledges that God is omnipotent, all power, where does the
    power to act against His will come from? It can only come from the
    denial that God is omnipotent, or the dubious acknowledgement that
    there is another power apart from God, a simple error of bad logic,
    superstition and erroneous thinking, which, if affirmed, is a clear
    violation of the first commandment."

    It is "bad logic" only if one assumes that omnipotence implies that
    Godcontrols everything. But one may simply assume that while God COULD
    control our every thought and action, He chooses not to do so. So I see
    neither "bad logic" nor any violation of the 1st commandment here.


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