Re: a Gish, a Ham, and two Morris'

From: Allen Roy (
Date: Tue May 28 2002 - 08:54:38 EDT

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    You must be living in some kind of dream world.

    What are you eating, or drinking or whatever.


    > I think it is safe to call this lot the "glamour boys" of creationism.
    > It is getting close to running these boys out of town. For, the ASA
    > has them licked. Putting Genesis Reconsidered directly after our
    > Bible and Science link would greatly speed the process. Jack Haas
    > is our web editor.
    > At the bottom of our Bible & science page it states
    > Send comments and suggestions for additional articles to the
    > web editor at
    > Jim Eisele
    > Genesis in Question

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