Re: Masoretic accuracy

Date: Mon May 27 2002 - 16:54:37 EDT

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    Hi Jim,

    You wrote:

    Age son (after flood)
    Shem 2
    Arpachshad 35
    Shelah 30
    Eber 34
    Peleg 30
    Reu 32
    Serug 30
    Nahor 29
    Terah 70

    Your mistake lies in reading Gen. 11:26 to say that Terah became the father
    of Abraham at age 70. It does not sat that. It says that Terah had three sons
    after he was 70 years old. Like Gen. 5:32 tells us Noah had three sons after
    he was 500 years old. Gen. 11:26 mentions Abraham first simply because
    Abraham was the most noteworthy of those three sons. Haran was probably the
    oldest of the three since he died before Abraham and before his father Terah,
    and because Terah named his new settlement after him which he apparently
    founded after leaving Ur. In fact, Abraham was living in Haran when God
    called him to move to Canaan following the death of his father Terah. That
    was when Terah was 205 and Abraham was 75. (Gen.11:26 - 12:5)

    Thus, Terah was 130 years older than his son Abraham.

    You listed Terah as being 70 at the birth of Abraham. So add 60 years to your
    292 total. That will bring you to 352. You also failed to add the one year
    for the length of time which the flood lasted. That will bring you to 353
    years from the beginning of the flood to the birth of Abraham and 428 years
    from the beginning of the flood to the time Abraham entered Canaan at age 75.


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