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    A book relevant to the issues of translation and interpretation:
    Alister McGrath. 2001. In the Beginning. Doubleday, New York. It is
    an account of the events behind the publication of the King James
    version, including the earlier English translations that influenced

    Also, an ad for a new book (due out in June) of some relevance,
    though uncertain merit, has come to me. Massimo Pigliucci. 2002.
    Denying Evolution: Creationism, Scientism, and the Nature of Science.
    Sinauer Associates, www.sinauer.com. The blurbs claim that the focus
    is on both the fallacies endorsed by creationists (not defined in the
    blurbs) and the faults of scientists in sticking to ivory towers or
    in endorsing or appearing to endorse scientism. I am not optimistic
    enough about his views to send off my 25 bucks. However, the claims
    to oppose scientism thus make me curious. Pigliucci was taking the
    evolution proves atheism approach (approving of both) in his time on
    this list and in opposing improved wording of the science teachers
    standards definition of evolutiuon with regard to purpose. Has he
    improved, or does he merely recognize some of the faults of others?

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