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Date: Mon May 27 2002 - 14:29:12 EDT

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    Walt Hicks wrote (amongst other points):

    > The argument about "apparent age" and God lying is nothing more than
    > debatemenship. The universe is exactly the same either way. The dead stars
    > are
    > really there every bit as much as if the first 15 billion years existed. The
    > results of science are the same and Glenn Morton can use his science
    > find to oil
    > in either case.

    Yes, I agree that Glenn can find his oil either way. He
    can treat all that he learned in stratigraphy, petrology,
    paleontology, etc. as a mere artifice for succeeding in
    his quest. Likewise, astronomers will still "see" their dead
    stars and calculate distances from distant galaxies
    just as before. Just like using complex numbers to solve
    a circuit problem as though this is natural, life goes on.

    What it comes down to is what Howard Van Till describes as
    the "intelligibility" of our universe. Science is the study
    of this intelligibility. It may not be explicit, but all
    the passionate pleas of the prophets -- that blocks of wood and
    stone don't carry you, but the Lord can carry you -- all speak
    to evidence: first from ones own experience, but also from appeals
    to what happened in history (the Exodus, the creation, etc.).

    This way of thinking does violence to any thought of intelligibility.
    We are confronted with a remarkable seamless boundary condition,
    where one mere femtosecond before we must call our observations
    an "artifice", and one mere femtosecond afterward, we can call
    it "history". Yet there is no discernible difference between
    events on one side and the other of that boundary.

    The heavens and the earth speak to the Glory of
    God, but only if your observations are greater than or equal
    6006.53458278924671630912361 years (at the sound of the beep
    corrected for the propagation of sound in air at 0 altitude).
    We can keep some numbers fans busy trying to find the precise
    time coefficient to 150 decimal places (corrected for Jerusalem
    standard time I suppose) so we can be sure that we can continue
    to do good science.

    If someone needs to believe this to prop up their faith,
    I know I have my problems too, but as far as persuading
    me to adopt _their_ way of thinking, may they be happy and
    blessed, but right or wrong, I cannot agree with it.

    Surely, if believing in a 6000 year old earth was so
    important to the Lord, God would have left a "finger
    print" somewhere. Where is it? We would just like to

    by Grace alone we proceed,

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