RE: Herodotus' Mice and the need for historical verification

From: J Burgeson (
Date: Mon May 27 2002 - 13:48:39 EDT

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    On 20th May, Glenn wrote: "Burgy, ... You clearly do say that the
    Bible isn't falsifiable and in one sense challenge me to disprove you. I
    like that. For you that works."

    I think what I said -- or at least MEANT, was that I could not think of any
    way in which anything in scripture was falsifiable. I may well be wrong

    Glenn continued: "For me, everything is falsifiable. If it isn't, then how
    can I have any reason to believe it is true. If I went your way, I might as
    well be a YEC. If my interpretation of the Bible is unfalsifiable (as they
    clearly believe, then it makes no difference whether I believe YEC or OEC."

    I am unable to understand this. Everything? The serpent says to Adam "you
    shall not die." Under what circumstances could you falsify the assertion
    that the serpent actually said those words?

    Nor can I understand why, if you went "my way," that is, I suppose,
    regarding Gen 1-11 as largely or wholly myth, that you'd see no difference
    between YEC and OEC. That does not compute.


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