Re: The firmament -- a solid barrier to concordism

From: Loren Haarsma (
Date: Mon May 27 2002 - 13:31:19 EDT

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    On Fri, 24 May 2002, Jim Eisele wrote:

    > There is a real historical event which corresponds with
    > separating the waters above from the waters below.
    > ...
    > You seem to be big on ANE, Loren. I challenge you to show me another
    > creation account that gets the sequence of events correct.

    I count approximately 11 Hebrew words which must be redefined (from the
    author's original intent) in order to make the Genesis 1 chronology match
    the scientific chronology in a typical concordist scenario. (In the NIV,
    for example: light, day, evening, morning, expanse, waters above, waters
    below, seed-bearing plants, fruit trees, form [the sun, moon, stars],

    So here is a counter-challenge, one which you owe it to yourself to
    attempt: Locate a dozen or two creation stories from ancient cultures
    around the world. Then allow yourself to do a similar level of
    word-redefinition in those stories as you do in the Genesis 1 account, in
    an honest effort to make those stories concord with scientific chronology.
    How many of them can you make work? Certainly not all of them, but how
    many? I'd be curious to know the answer to that exercise.

    Loren Haarsma

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