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Date: Sun May 26 2002 - 07:44:31 EDT

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    A little bit on this same thread,

    In the April issue of Physics Today, they discuss some
    energy alternatives. Most of it covers ground we've
    discussed here before, although it did offer some
    encouraging points in technological development such
    as improved efficiency of solar, wind power through
    technological development. It also covers some next
    generation nuclear power plants, and a bit speculative
    proposal on hydrogen power.

    However, one thing left me a bit mystified. In introducing
    this issue they posted a graph on page 39 which indicated
    the "annual per capita electricity use" and in that
    graph it show Canada of all places at the top of consumption
    list. No surprise the US is second, Australia was third,
    and Japan next.

    Night time in Tokyo is so polluted with light, that you cannot
    see the stars [period]... OK maybe Sirius, but anyway,
    very little else. However, there are 30 M people living in
    a densely populated area here, so that bright beam of light
    emanating from Tokyo doesn't surprise me. The San Francisco
    Bay Area is also bright but contains only 15 M people and they
    are far more spread out than Japan. LA is roughly the same
    in intensity and population. Over all Japan
    is 120 M people, the US 250 M. Twice the consumption for the
    US is at least predictable in that sense. The UK, is maybe a
    little out of proportion, but basically proportional to
    population. Developing countries is a whole other thing.

    But this leads me to my question that maybe some folk can
    answer on the list here. Australia is an anomaly (about
    30 M people as I recall), but I might guess that excessive
    consumption is due perhaps to problems with fuel efficiency.
    But why does Canada appear as the _top_ electricity user in
    the world? Is electricity extremely cheap? Likewise, what
    is the source of electricity in Canada: fossil fuels,
    nuclear power, hydroelectric .... ? .... ? Finally, what is
    all the electricity being used on?

    by Grace we proceed,
    Wayne (puzzled in Japan) Dawson

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