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Date: Sun May 26 2002 - 11:50:25 EDT

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    >So Glenn, I do accept your statement that there are drifting vegetation
    >mats in the Okefenokee; I do not accept your implication that these
    >drifting vegetation mats in any way explain the coal seams we see in the
    >eastern US. But maybe I have missed something here. Can you or Jonathan
    >or Michael or anyone reconcile the empirical observations, as seen in the
    >photos you have posted for me, with the swamp model for coal formation?

    Sorry we didn't have more time to debate but I told you I had to leave
    today. As to the above, statement, All I see is that you actually made my
    case for me about the Okefenokee being capable of replicating the features
    you describe. I fail to see how you miss it. You wrote prior to the above:

    >If this hypothetical swamp were then buried due to land subsidence and
    >marine flooding, the trees growing in the swamp would be preserved in
    >growth position, with their roots attached. The organics from the swamp
    >might eventually become coal, and the sediments might become rock. We
    >would then have a coal seam which was derived from a swamp. What would
    >be the features of this sequence?
    >Here are features commonly found associated with eastern US coal seams:
    >A) General lack of stigmarian axial root systems beneath the coal seams;
    >B) General lack of either tree stumps or roots in partings;
    >C) General lack of vertical tree stumps/trunks in the sediment overlying
    >coal seams, and general lack of attached roots where vertical tree
    >stumps/trunks are found;
    >D) Generally consistent total coal seam thickness between areas
    >containing splits and those that contain no splits;
    >E) Commonly extensive, continuous nature of thin partings;
    >F) Generally consistent thickness of coal seams draped over
    >contemporaneous slopes.
    >We would not expect to see any one of these features in a swamp deposit,
    >yet you get all six in coal seams.

    >P.S: Have fun in Florence!

    I will.


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