Re: The firmament -- a solid barrier to concordism

From: Jim Eisele (
Date: Sat May 25 2002 - 21:41:37 EDT

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    Paul writes

    >Let's not lose sight of the point. You made the order of the events in Gen
    >a sign of its divine origin, saying to Michael, "THERE IS SIMPLY A STUNNING
    >wrote to Loren, "I challenge you to show me another creation account that
    >gets the sequence of events correct."

    I'm with you so far, Paul.

    >The fact that Enuma elish has
    >essentially the same order of events as Gen 1 has shows that the order of
    >events is not a proof of divine origin.

    OK. Here I confess to indifference. I tried to read the EE link that
    Walt provided. It simply came across as nonsense. And don't tell me for
    a moment that there is any comparison between Gen 1 and EE. It may take
    me 5 years just to try to figure out what the heck EE is saying!! Jesus
    says that I am the way, the truth, and the life. I do not feel that the
    way for me at the moment is trying to figure out EE. I'll cast my lot
    with Gen 1.

    >I find it distasteful to
    >abandon the historical-grammatical meanings of Gen 1 in favor of meanings
    >that by virtue of their departure from the understanding of the historic
    >Church and from modern scholarship as well can only be regarded as cultic.
    >Christians have an obligation to bear light, to uphold truth---not create
    >imaginary worlds of their own, whether by way of creation science or by

    Cultic? No, my friend. Basing your view of Gen 1 on "similarities" with
    EE sounds far more dangerous to me. And, after about 1850 (YMMV) you can
    put historical-grammatical meanings in the same place you put belief in a
    young earth.

    Now, I will say a few additional words. Since about 1860 it seems that the
    church hasn't known what the heck to do with Gen 1. YEC is wounded. And
    then you have "theologists." And then you have OECs/concordists. Paul,
    this is also known as the day-age interpretation. You just lost
    Calling the day-age interpretation a cult makes me wonder if you're not
    creating your own imaginary world.


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