Re: The firmament -- a solid barrier to concordism

Date: Sat May 25 2002 - 03:03:26 EDT

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    Jim wrote,

    << You seem to be big on ANE, Loren. I challenge you to show me another
      creation account that gets the sequence of events correct. >>

    I don't know why you think creating the sun on the fourth day is a correct
    sequence of events.

    But, to answer your question: The Babylonian account of creation, Enuma
    Elish, has virtually the same sequence of events as Genesis 1. As Merrill
    Unger, past professor of archaeology at Dallas Theological Seminary [which
    was at the time (1954) and still is an ultra-conservative school] wrote in
    his book Archaeology and the Old Testament (pp. 31, 31):
    "Both narratives also begin with a watery chaos and end with the gods or the
    Lord at rest. In the sequence of creative acts there is a remarkable
    similarity between the two narratives, although light is separately created
    in Genesis and merely emanates from the gods in the Babylonian version. The
    creation by Marduk of the firmament, the dry land, the celestial luminaries
    and man follows the identical order of creation by God in Genesis."

    Enuma Elish also mentions splitting the primordial waters and placing half
    above and half below the firmament. And very close to the beginning of the
    account it mentions day and night occurring before the sun is put into


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