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Date: Fri May 24 2002 - 15:28:36 EDT

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    Another post that I like a lot of!
    Jan writes

    >Personally, I do have trouble with a god who
    >would speak another word in the bible than he uses in nature.

    Ha! You are absolutely, positively, certainly not alone!

    >By the way, according to Old Testament theologians "yom" does not
    >necessarily mean days. It could be periods.

    Thanks! Of course, I knew this. But somehow it's different when
    it appears on the ASA list.

    >Doing that you use twentieth century philosophy to explain God's
    >talking to a people that had a completely different knowledge of the world
    >as some people on this list are now trying to explain. I would regret that
    >many people studying science at Universities agree with you. I have seen
    >too many people leaving the church because of that. They could not accept
    >a God who would be lying.

    Another excellent point! People (of course) have problems when they are
    told that Gen 1 is "ANE material." What a snoozer!

    >I believe that God created heaven and earth, and that He is true to
    >Himself, so that what we find in nature does not contradict what we find in
    >the Bible

    I couldn't have said it better myself!

    >If it does than we better do a lot of studying, which includes
    >not only science, but also theology, exegetics, Old as well as New
    >Testament, not only Gen.1, but also Gen.2 -11, also the rest of the Mosaic
    >books, Dogmatics, and in the sciences, geology, biology, physics,
    >It will not be easy, but as long as I do not see that in your writings, I
    >think, that your conclusions and discussions are very dangerous for new
    >science students

    Nonsense! Showing folks that Gen 1-11 is real history is dangerous???
    Jan, this removes an obstacle to folks becoming followers of Christ!!!

    Thanks for your post,

    Jim Eisele
    Genesis in Question

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