RE: Middle East oil supply

From: J Burgeson (
Date: Fri May 24 2002 - 17:12:15 EDT

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    I wrote: ">I ran across a quotation from the head of Atlantic Richfield
    recently with >an equally pessimistic outlook -- "two years from now we will
    experience the peak of oil production -- then it is all downhill."

    Glenn asked: "Do you have a reference to that?"

    Sorry -- I don't. At the time I saw it I was not looking for that sort of
    material. It did remind me that I had been to a seminar on energy back about
    1982 or so -- the same outlook was asserted.

    But the gentleman MAY have been talking about only the US. Or maybe only
    about Atlantic Richfield suppliers. So, in retrospect, my off hand comment
    was not at all useful. Apologies.

    Fascinating subject, this. Technology has certainly gotten us all into a
    pickle and all we seem to be able to think of to get us out of the pickle is
    more technology.



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