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Date: Fri May 24 2002 - 15:24:51 EDT

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    Yes, when confronted with the Heisenberg Uncertainty principle.
    However, just because it seems random to us doesn't mean it's random to

    You should not run your life based on the outcome of (seemingly) random
    events (e.g. coin tosses) because you don't know if God is choosing
    direct you that way ["Do not put the Lord your God to the test."]. My
    experience has been that He does not make his direction for me known
    indirectly. He tells me pretty clearly.

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       Didn't Einstein state: 'God does not play dice with the universe.' ?


    On Fri, 24 May 2002 16:07:45 Jonathan Clarke wrote: >Hi Walter > >You wrote in part: > > >> I've seen that before (on an ASA website) and I think that it is a bit >> scary. If I take you literally, I should just toss a coin for my >> decisions knowing that nothing is random and God is in charge of the >> outcome of the coin flip. >> >> No Thanks :) >> > >Why do you find this scary? I find it a great source of reassurance and >comfort in the greatness and sovereignty of God. > >Jon >

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