Re: My Daughter is a YEC

Date: Fri May 24 2002 - 12:22:15 EDT

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    Walter Hicks wrote:

    > Now when I read some of the ASA statements, there is nothing to rule out
    > YEC as something acceptable to ASA. Yet the posts I see indicate a
    > totally different story. Any acceptance of YECs is absent insofar as I
    > can see. That is fine, but is it not totally hypocritical to have these
    > two standards? If ASA is opposed to YEC why not have integrity to say
    > so?

    I would certainly hope that if there really was a critical
    argument that really did hold up to scrutiny rather than just
    create minor skirmishes, I would not be blind to it, and
    would be supportive. A _real_ scientist is interested in
    the truth, even if it runs against what is accepted by
    the majority or even if it shows that one's own understanding
    is wrong. Better to get it right than defend a bunch of
    nonsense in the end.

    In any case, speaking for myself at least,
    evolution is not my god,
    and I do not depend on it to prop up my faith.

    I would even find it rather amusing to
    realize that the evidence could be so
    clearly _consistent_ with evolutionary models,
    that I studied at least some of these models
    and even worked with some of them, and that I
    finally agreed with them, yet I was mistaken.
    It is not impossible, but I know I rarely
    "believe" things simply because they are
    written in a book somewhere.

    Maybe that addresses your comments.
    By Grace we proceed,

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