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Date: Thu May 23 2002 - 16:57:06 EDT

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    >Then how do we, as Christians, state the _correct_ scientific
    >theory? How would you word such a theory to replace that which is
    >commonly taught in the public schools (at least the ones here in
    >Ultra Liberal Kennedy land)?<

    The encyclopedia statement you quoted earlier gave a better general
    definition of the basic nature of evolution than Morris. However,
    the main problem is failing to define the meaning of randomness and
    the limits of science-what evolution is not. Science can tell us
    that some aspects of evolution are mathematically random, i.e.
    following the laws of probability. It can tell us that some aspects
    of evolution are not humanly predictable in detail. It cannot tell
    us whether God would want to use evolution as a means of creation nor
    whether He might have some purpose for the parts that we cannot
    figure out. It could not rule out the possibility of a god who lets
    natural laws take care of evolution but does other things, either,
    nor many other theological views.

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