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From: Walter Hicks (
Date: Thu May 23 2002 - 16:28:13 EDT

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    I apologize. It is not ASA that is opposed to YEC. Just everyone who
    contributes to these posts. (I think everyone. Did I miss somebody?)


    J Burgeson wrote:
    > >>If ASA is opposed to YEC why not have integrity to say
    > so?
    > >>
    > You miss the point, my friend. The ASA is NOT opposed to YEC; it is an
    > "umbrella" organization. And YEC's are not a monolithic group -- there are
    > all varieties.
    > I was attracted to the ASA 31 years ago because of its statement of faith --
    > one which left open the origins model for all to wrestle with. I would be
    > very much opposed to the ASA taking any kind of anti-YEC, or anti-liberal,
    > or, indeed most any anti-XXX position. I say "most any," for I'm sure
    > someone will think up one I'd not oppose right away! < G >
    > It is, of course, a position of integrity to not oppose YEC. IMHO of course.
    > Burgy
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