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Date: Thu May 23 2002 - 12:17:49 EDT

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    I like a lot of this post!
    Jan writes

    >The same goes for us, who think differently than you do. Personally I have
    >been talking about this for 14 years, and so far I have not read any
    >argument showing that I am incorrect. I, too, find it fruitless. I am
    >willing to accept you as a brother in Christ,

    Jan, I like your posts more and more all the time.

    >but up till now I find your arguments unconvincing, and even dangerous.

    I'm not sure which arguments you are referring to.

    >I have told you why, but thus
    >far I did not read any convincing argument showing that I am

    Maybe we talk past each other?

    >Keeping on repeating arguments which I have mentioned for
    >years, to which I have not received any convincing reply, does not make any

    Agree! At least we share similar frustrations ;-)

    >And, I repeat the subjects you want to be discussed, should indeed
    >be studied, but cannot be solved by just writing letters back and

    No, but I believe that it can help.

    >Much more is needed. That is why our church appointed a
    >committee of 10, which divided the work: 3 philosophers, 3 scientists
    >(biology, physics. and I believe, geology), 3 theologians ( 1dogmatics, 1
    >OT, 1NT) and one more person, I forgot his field.. They studied each in
    >their own area, and came regularly together to try to see the "problem"
    >each from his own "specialty" and to discuss.


    >It is inconceivable, that we
    >on this forum can accomplish a unified few by exchanging short

    I have learned and changed my position on things just from this list!

    >It does not mean that we do not accept YEC people, but it does
    >mean that we disagree and sometimes point them in a different direction..

    I do give YECs credit for believing in the Bible. They don't leave room
    for crediting them with much else!

    >I have tried to show why I disagree with you and that is not just
    >disagreeing about some texts, but about the way texts are pulled out of
    >their context.

    I don't remember you showing me where Gen 1 disagreed with science. Maybe
    more of that talking past each other.

    >Personally, I find you way of reading the Bible dangerous,
    >and you find my way dangerous.

    Actually, I'm more puzzled than wary.

    >I did not succeed, and you will not
    >succeed, unless we go deeper in the philosophical, aand exegetical

    A bit of humor, here. A while back someone referred to "eisegesis." I was
    a little taken aback. I thought that it was about me (with my last name)!
    Recently I saw that in a book. It's actually an official word (meaning
    the interpretation of a text (as of the Bible) by reading into it one's
    own ideas). But, yes, I agree with you. That is why I like to get my
    hands on the Hebrew transliteration for sticky passages such as Gen 1:27.

    Take care,

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