Re: ASA gasping for air

From: Jan de Koning (
Date: Thu May 23 2002 - 15:11:47 EDT

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    At 09:27 AM 23/05/02 +0000, Jim Eisele wrote:

    >It is with increasing bewilderment that I observe the ASA. For, although
    >I am a member, I increasingly disassociate myself from daily proceedings.
    >It amuses me how nothing ever gets resolved. We "gather" and endlessly
    >debate. I hate looking up Bible verses. But I've been driven to it this
    >1Tim 1:6 reads "For some men, straying from these things, have turned
    >aside to fruitless discussion."
    >I wonder what the Lord thinks when he watches us.
    >A) those aimless people
    >But, please, if anyone disagrees, let me know!

    The same goes for us, who think differently than you do. Personally I have
    been talking about this for 14 years, and so far I have not read any
    argument showing that I am incorrect. I, too, find it fruitless. I am
    willing to accept you as a brother in Christ, but up till now I find your
    arguments unconvincing, and even dangerous. I have told you why, but thus
    far I did not read any convincing argument showing that I am
    incorrect. Keeping on repeating arguments which I have mentioned for
    years, to which I have not received any convincing reply, does not make any
    sense. And, I repeat the subjects you want to be discussed, should indeed
    be studied, but cannot be solved by just writing letters back and
    forward. Much more is needed. That is why our church appointed a
    committee of 10, which divided the work: 3 philosophers, 3 scientists
    (biology, physics. and I believe, geology), 3 theologians ( 1dogmatics, 1
    OT, 1NT) and one more person, I forgot his field.. They studied each in
    their own area, and came regularly together to try to see the "problem"
    each from his own "specialty" and to discuss. It is inconceivable, that we
    on this forum can accomplish a unified few by exchanging short
    messages. It does not mean that we do not accept YEC people, but it does
    mean that we disagree and sometimes point them in a different direction..
    I have tried to show why I disagree with you and that is not just
    disagreeing about some texts, but about the way texts are pulled out of
    their context. Personally, I find you way of reading the Bible dangerous,
    and you find my way dangerous. I did not succeed, and you will not
    succeed, unless we go deeper in the philosophical, aand exegetical backgrounds
    Jan de K.

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