Re: My Daughter is a YEC

From: Jan de Koning (
Date: Thu May 23 2002 - 14:49:17 EDT

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    At 08:23 AM 23/05/02 -0400, Walter Hicks wrote:

    >In the recent past I discovered that my daughter is a YEC. Not so much a
    >YEC (science is not on her radar screen) but as a person who cannot
    >accept evolution. She understands my point of view and accepts it as one
    >with which she can sympathize (as a Christian) ---- but she does not
    >believe it herself.
    >Now when I read some of the ASA statements, there is nothing to rule out
    >YEC as something acceptable to ASA. Yet the posts I see indicate a
    >totally different story. Any acceptance of YECs is absent insofar as I
    >can see. That is fine, but is it not totally hypocritical to have these
    >two standards? If ASA is opposed to YEC why not have integrity to say

    Personally I think indeed that YEC is dangerous, but that does not mean
    that I will not accept any YECer as a brother or sister. However, when
    they start to bring their arguments, I think, that those of us that believe
    they interpret the Bible incorrectly should hide our arguments. Far from
    it. As an elder in our church I have said, and tried to explain, why I
    think that they are wrong, but I have never said that therefor they don't
    belong. Far from it. But sometimes it is indeed better to keep quiet,
    since it often appears that they refuse to listen to arguments.
    I have said before and I have often repeated it: "Anyone that believes that
    Christ died for his sins is my brother and sister. I will try to talk with
    them about differences, but they should listen to arguments. If they don't
    I will shut up, and still see them as sisters and brothers. I expect the
    reverse as well: they should accept me as brother too."

    The ASA has to my knowledge as only qualification that you are a
    Christian. So you may state your opinion, even with quotes from
    Scriptures, but then I expect to get replies to my statements as well. The
    reply should be more than just re-stating what was said already. But you
    are welcome to be a member, even when a majority or minority
    disagrees. Don't expect though that those of us who have been argueing and
    pointing to Christian literature which explained our point of view, that we
    keep on repeating ourselves if no new arguments are brought forward.

    So I hope all will stay, and every now and again I may react, but
    definitely not always.

    Jan de K.

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