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From: Terry M. Gray (
Date: Thu May 23 2002 - 14:20:24 EDT

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    Did you know that there are under 150 subscribers to this list? Also,
    there is no requirement to be an ASA member to join the list. This is
    less than 10% of the membership of the ASA. Fewer than 20% of those
    actively participate; others merely lurk or trash the posts on a
    regular basis.

    Most of us are busy about the task doing science and showing our
    peers that you can be a Christian and a scientist at the same time.
    While many of us are interested in origins questions and how to
    understand the early chapters of Genesis in light of modern science
    (and vice versa), for many of us these questions are somewhat
    academic and not at the core of our interest in faith/science issues.
    We see our call from God to subdue the earth and to preserve it--both
    which require knowledge (even basic research) to accomplish. We're
    confident that God created and governs His creation and that
    scripture is His inspired and reliable Word, even though we may not
    be able to disentangle all the specific details in how to relate
    those two propositions.

    I would suggest that this list IS NOT the heartbeat of the ASA. For
    that you should look at the web site, the journal, local section
    meetings, and the annual meeting.

    I would also suggest that this list reflects the interests and
    personalities of the HANDFUL (20% of less than 150 subscribers) of
    people who have the time, energy, and interest to contribute. I would
    suggest that this too is not very representative of the ASA as a

    I would say that the diversity of views here, especially on origins
    issues, views of scripture, and bioethics issues, does reflect the
    ASA. Although, I'd suggest that as a whole the ASA is friendlier
    toward YEC and Intelligent Design notions than is suggested by this
    list. This in part answers Walter's question earlier. The ASA doesn't
    take a strong anti-YEC stand, but many individual members do. What we
    see on this list is the opinion of individual members rather than
    that of the organization as a whole.

    I hope this (opinion of mine about the list) doesn't disillusion anyone.


    >It is with increasing bewilderment that I observe the ASA. For, although
    >I am a member, I increasingly disassociate myself from daily proceedings.
    >It amuses me how nothing ever gets resolved. We "gather" and endlessly
    >debate. I hate looking up Bible verses. But I've been driven to it this
    >1Tim 1:6 reads "For some men, straying from these things, have turned
    >aside to fruitless discussion."
    >I wonder what the Lord thinks when he watches us.
    >A) those aimless people
    >But, please, if anyone disagrees, let me know!

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