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From: george murphy (
Date: Thu May 23 2002 - 14:20:44 EDT

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    Walter Hicks wrote:

    > In the recent past I discovered that my daughter is a YEC. Not so much a
    > YEC (science is not on her radar screen) but as a person who cannot
    > accept evolution. She understands my point of view and accepts it as one
    > with which she can sympathize (as a Christian) ---- but she does not
    > believe it herself.
    > Now when I read some of the ASA statements, there is nothing to rule out
    > YEC as something acceptable to ASA. Yet the posts I see indicate a
    > totally different story. Any acceptance of YECs is absent insofar as I
    > can see. That is fine, but is it not totally hypocritical to have these
    > two standards? If ASA is opposed to YEC why not have integrity to say
    > so?

             ASA is not opposed to YEC but there would be some truth in saying
    that YECs are opposed to ASA. As I understand the history - but I've only
    been a member since the late 70s & so am open to correction on this - most
    of the YECs bailed out of ASA in the early 60s because it was "soft on
    evolution". They weren't kicked out.
             ASA is formally open to YECs & some are members. But they are
    naturally going to feel uncomfortable in a setting where most most members
    disagree with them on this matter & some think their ideas are just absurd.
             My own feeling is that in some ways ASA would be more effective if
    it could make clearly positive statements about evolution. But that would
    mean shucking not only YECs but OECs & perhaps PCs. & where do we stop?
             Actually the discussion on this list tends to exaggerate the
    importance of YEC in ASA. Some who contribute YEC views here are not
    members of the organization, & I haven't heard much in the way of pro-YEC
    arguments at annual meetings or seen them in PSCF since I've been a member.



    George L. Murphy
    "The Science-Theology Interface"

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