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Date: Thu May 23 2002 - 22:11:58 EDT

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    > Have heard that short term, we can build more fission
    >plants. People don't
    >like fission plants, but they probably dislike brownouts and
    >giving up their
    >SUVs even less, so I expect a big push for fission power. I understand that
    >France and Japan already get more than half their power from plain old
    >fission power.

    THey get more than half of their electricity from nuclear, 75% to be exact,
    not more than half their power. France's energy use (2000) is as follows:

    Coal 5.4%
    Petroleum 38.3%
    Natural gas 14.3%
    Nuclear 36.8%
    Wind & solar 4.6%

    They would need to double their nukes in order to replace oil.

    > Then there's the High Frontier guys. They say that we can
    >build huge Solar
    >Power Satellites out in space, collect solar power, and "beam" it back to
    >earth via microwave or laser beams.
    >Also, I have heard tell of geothermal power. Of course, none of
    >these things
    >runs a car. What about these alternatives?

    I doubt they are economic. It costs $200/lb to get to orbit. And solar isn't
    really economically competitive yet without adding the cost of getting
    things to space yet.

    Forget geothermal--not enough places where this can work.


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