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From: J Burgeson (
Date: Thu May 23 2002 - 11:13:40 EDT

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    >>Both parties lie. THe Republicans claim that we will become energy
    independent again, which is absolutely false.They claim that we don't need
    to conserve. The Democrats tell the American people that they don't need to
    worry hydrogen, wind, solar etc can solve the energy problems.And because of
    this we won't need the energy out of ANWR.>>

    Parties don't lie. People do.

    The reification of political parties leads to sloppy thinking. Likewise the
    reification of businesses, countries, Hispanics, short people, and almost
    any other classification of humans one can think of.

    Argue that Senator X is wrong because xxx and I'll listen. Tell me the
    Republicans are wrong because xxx and I'll not. Tell me the Republican
    PLATFORM is wrong because xxx and, while "platform" is not reified, at least
    it is a document (presumably) that one can study.

    Burgy (who has done his share of sloppy thinking).

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