Re: Science Education and the Church

From: Walter Hicks (
Date: Wed May 22 2002 - 18:42:12 EDT

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    bivalve wrote:
    > >I again quote what Morris has published:
    > >"The essence of evolution, of course, is randomness. The
    > >evolutionary process supposedly began with random particles and has
    > >continued by random aggregations of matter and then random mutations
    > >of genes."<
    > >If this is not the correct _scientific_ understanding of evolution,
    > >then where is it wrong? and if it is wrong, then should it not be
    > >corrected _scientifically_ (not theologically).<
    > It is both theologically and scientifically unsound. Theologically,
    > because mathematical randomness or unpredictability are falsely
    > interpreted by atheists and antievolutionists alike as implying
    > metaphysical randomness. Scientifically, because there are also
    > significant nonrandom aspects of evolution as well, particularly
    > natural selection.

    Then how do we, as Christians, state the _correct_ scientific theory?
    How would you word such a theory to replace that which is commonly
    taught in the public schools (at least the ones here in Ultra Liberal
    Kennedy land)?


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