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From: Terry M. Gray (grayt@lamar.colostate.edu)
Date: Wed May 22 2002 - 17:35:45 EDT

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    Here's a quote from a post on Stephen Jay Gould from another email
    group that I'm part of. It consists mostly of conservative
    Presbyterian pastors.

    >Since I started this thing, I'll put in my final two cents: I've
    >already ordered Gould's last book, "The Structure of Evolutionary
    >Theory", which took him his last 20 years to write (having begun it
    >the same year he first developed cancer),and which he was able to
    >finish and see through the press in March, just two months before he
    >I plan to read it, in order to catch myself up on the latest thinking
    >on that particular topic.
    >Then I plan to shelve the book - under "Fiction".

    Sigh.... At least he's willing to read the book.


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