Re: origins theories (in ASA Sci Ed website)

From: Craig Rusbult (
Date: Wed May 22 2002 - 15:20:36 EDT

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         Thanks for your comments (especially the kind words from Loren)
    about the website. The most interesting/controversial parts of it
    (about evolutionary creation, evidence for design, whether design
    theories are scientific, age-of-the-earth questions,...) won't be
    in this "still under construction" project until later, probably
    in June and July.
         You can see the beginnings of how these will be treated in the
    "Views of Creation" homepage, which from the start has included an
    excerpt from the essay by Bube (there's nothing finer, says Terry,
    and I agree); it's in the section about Theistic Creation (which
    is one of the "Three Questions" to be discussed in the page) at

         Tomorrow morning (very early) I'll be leaving for a conference,
    will check the list again next Monday after returning. If there is
    anything you want me to respond to before then, I'll last check my
    e-mail at around 9 pm (central time) tonight.


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