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    The cytochrome oxidase subunit 1 gene, aka COI and COX1, is a
    mitochondrial protein that has been sequenced (in part) for a large
    number of organisms. Often there is variation within species, and
    variation between species is quite high, so obviously many more than
    one possible sequence will generate a working protein.

    It also illustrates the risks of seeing significance in a pattern
    found in natural biomolecular structures. Using the standard amino
    acid abbreviations, part of the sequence for the female lineage of
    the gene in one freshwater mussel is LAGASSILGAINFISTVVNMRS. Male
    bivalves also have inheritance of mitochondria along the paternal
    line; the sequence differs. The middle of this sequence contains the
    phrase "gain fist" (also found in many other species). Are unionoids
    plotting to evolve arms? Do they resent our poor stewardship, which
    has caused the majority of species in this group to decline, and
    driven several to extinction? Does the MRS at the end relate to this
    being the female lineage? (No, because it also occurs inthe male
    lineage.) This sequence of letters contains information that is
    solely a product of the variations in the protein sequence and the
    arbitrary naming of amino acids. Such information is problematic for
    many criteria to detect special design.

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