RE: Is there a gay gene?

From: Adrian Teo (
Date: Tue May 21 2002 - 18:06:41 EDT

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    Hello Shaun,

    I apologize for being so late in responding.

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    > AT: In cases 2 & 3, there is no will involved in the person's
    >*desire* for intimate relationship with same-sex partners. However,
    >humans are not like animals that are ruled by their appetites. Reason
    >and will may not have much influence over desires, but they do have
    >influence over *behavior*. Regardless of my personal desires, I am in
    >control of my actions - I choose to do this or that, to act or to
    >refrain from acting on my desires. The bible does not condemn
    >homosexual orientation, but it does condemn homosexual behavior.

            So sexually desiring a member of your same sex is OK if you
    don't act on it?
            Isn't that called "lusting in your heart?"
            The bible's fairly clear that it isn't OK for heterosexuals.

            Sorry, but I don't think the answer's as clear as you make it
    out to be.

            AT: Any immoral act has to be an exercise of the will.
    Desiring a member of the same sex is not immoral per say, but does
    become immoral when we continue to pursue those thoughts. Then it
    becomes lust.

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