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Date: Tue May 21 2002 - 15:37:32 EDT

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    >I again quote what Morris has published:
    >"The essence of evolution, of course, is randomness. The
    >evolutionary process supposedly began with random particles and has
    >continued by random aggregations of matter and then random mutations
    >of genes."<

    >If this is not the correct _scientific_ understanding of evolution,
    >then where is it wrong? and if it is wrong, then should it not be
    >corrected _scientifically_ (not theologically).<

    It is both theologically and scientifically unsound. Theologically,
    because mathematical randomness or unpredictability are falsely
    interpreted by atheists and antievolutionists alike as implying
    metaphysical randomness. Scientifically, because there are also
    significant nonrandom aspects of evolution as well, particularly
    natural selection.

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