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From: Dick Fischer (
Date: Tue May 21 2002 - 13:36:23 EDT

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    Loren Haarsma wrote:

    >On Mon, 20 May 2002, Dick Fischer wrote:
    >> Craig wrote:
    >> > Since my non-neutral slant will be "pro-design, old earth" I'll provide
    >> >opportunities for pro-evolution and young-earth proponents to state their
    >> >cases. You (TEs and YECs) can suggest web-resources and write your own
    >> >pages.
    >> This is peachy. Let everybody jump in with whatever they think, and
    >> it will all be on one grand web page. Let's call it the "ASA grab
    >> bag of creation and evolution." How confusing.
    >I highly recommend that Craig's work should be read before criticism is
    >offered. My experience is that Craig does exceptional work at fairly
    >representing multiple points of view. And by "fair" I mean two things:
    > (1) He takes pains to not misrepresent views with which he disagrees. He
    >presents the views in ways which, I believe, the advocates of those views
    >would approve.
    > (2) He does not let any particular viewpoint get away with making bad
    >arguments. He disentangles bad arguments from good arguments.

    Pardon me, I read, "write your own pages" as an invitation to YECs to
    write their own pages. Did I misread that? However, either we
    totally debunk YEC and present the negative aspects, or we have no
    credibility at all. How would you represent fairly an apologetic
    that is total hogwash?

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