Something new on Genesis 1

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Date: Tue May 21 2002 - 07:56:41 EDT

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             This coming weekend (of Trinity Sunday) I'll be preaching 3
    times & the first lectionary reading is Gen. 1:2-4a. It got me thinking
    - there's a lot of discussion here about how to understand Gen.1,
    evidence for it, &c &c &c. But how would people who take these various
    approaches _preach_ on it? How would you proclaim the gospel with this
    as your primary text in 10-12 minutes to a fairly broad audience of
    mostly church-going people but with some who might be quite unfamiliar
    with the Bible? Or for those not called to preaching - what kind of
    sermon of that length would be most helpful for the average congregation
    you're familiar with?
             This is really a pretty basic question. Various interpretations
    of Gen.1 may look good on paper but if they "won't preach" then they're
    probably not worth much.
             The Gospel reading for Trinity Sunday is Mt.28:16-20.



    George L. Murphy
    "The Science-Theology Interface"

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