Re: Stephen Jay Gould dies

From: Dick Fischer (
Date: Mon May 20 2002 - 21:35:08 EDT

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    Bill Yates wrote:

    >I saw on the news that Stephen Jay Gould has died of cancer at age 60.

    I met Gould here in Washington, DC at a book signing (his not mine).
    During the lecture he gave beforehand, he commented on his view of
    the Old Testament as "good literature." In the question and answer
    period he made comment on the creationist movement and what he
    thought of their fuzzy logic. I lined up for an autographed book,
    and when I had an opportunity to engage him a little, I made a small
    point and quoted an Old Testament verse. To my amazement, he quoted
    the following verse. What a guy!

    I wonder who now will champion his theory of "punctuated
    equilibrium." I think it still is the best overall theory to
    describe what we see in nature. I hope someone will pick up the flag.

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