RE: Science Education and the Church

From: Craig Rusbult (
Date: Mon May 20 2002 - 18:14:24 EDT

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    I just got back on the list, and can't find any other message(s) about
    this in this month's archives, but this topic is important so here are
    a few comments:

         Yes, home schooling is almost all YEC and anti-evolution. The main
    exception to a strict-YEC offering is Sonlight Curriculum; a thoughtful
    essay by one of its founders will be featured in the ASA Sci Ed website.
    The ASA's Affilliation of Christian Geologists also has some good pages
    about the need for better science education in the Christian community.

    >Perhaps a strong statement by the ASA that you can believe in evolution
    >and the gospel would be helpful. What do you think, guys?

         This is important, and will be emphasized in the "Views of Creation"
    part of the ASA-SE site.


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