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Date: Tue May 21 2002 - 00:41:26 EDT

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    Bill wrote:
    Sorry, I was out for the weekend and may be in the field for the next few
    >days, so I may not be able to respond again until toward the end of the

    That may very much shorten our conversation, as I told you privately, I have
    a conference in Florence to go to.
    >> The pics are at:

    >Glenn, you are demonstrating a remarkable proclivity to ignore or dismiss
    >empirical data that doesn't fit with your model, which by the way is OK
    >since I do the same thing with ease. The question you have always
    >managed to dodge over the years is whether the data points to transported
    >organics or in situ deposits. As you know, the geology textbooks are
    >united in their presentation of the swamp nature of the Carboniferous
    >coals. Now, please tell us, based upon the photos you have posted for
    >me, do these photos suggest a swamp or transported organics???

    Bill, as I have many times said, transported material is seen today in the
    Okefenokee. So what. We aren't having a global flood today, that I am aware
    of. Glub glub.... Transported material is occurring today, and does not
    violate any 'model' that I might have. Why do you never pick up on this
    >It is important that we answer this one basic question before we move on
    >to the next. Please don't continue to leapfrog over the data and jump to
    >your conclusion that there was no global flood. Whether there was a
    >global flood or not is not the question. The question is: How do you
    >interpret this empirical data? If you say it represents a swamp deposit
    >you must furnish evidence from either these photos or from other sources.

    Even in the Okefenokee, there is transported peat. So why should you try to
    force me into a given point of view about coal? That seems to indicated
    that you desparately desire me to play the role you have assigned me in this

    > If you say that these deposits look transported, you have broken ranks
    >with prevailing thought in geology. Please answer the question:
    >transported or swamp???

    How about transported IN A SWAMP? That does happen in the Okefenokee as I
    have pointed out to you many, many times.


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