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From: Craig Rusbult (
Date: Mon May 20 2002 - 17:31:14 EDT

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          Origins Theories may be an area of interest for some of you.
          So far, what's available is the origins homepage and three homepages
    for sub-areas: Views of Creation, Origins Evidence, Origins Education.
    There is some content for "Design of the Universe" (in Origins Evidence)
    and quite a bit in the Origins Evidence page.

    prototype pages:
    (so far, there are no links to this from other parts of the Sci Ed site)

          Although I'm the main developer/coordinator, this should be a project
    for the science education and Christian communities (especially the ASA)
    so I'm submitting it to you for feedback.
          I'm looking forward to hearing what you think. You can send feedback
    to me or, if you think it will be productive for everyone (including those
    who will be reading the archives) to see it, to the whole ASA-list.

          Your comments and suggestions can be for changes (in content, style, or
    attitude) of what I've written, or for other resources (mainly web-pages to
    link to). If you suggest web-pages, remember that SELECTIVITY is the main
    challenge. I need ideas for BETTER pages, not just more pages. { My hard
    disk has 450 "origins education" pages I've downloaded, and I've looked at
    many more. }
          One type of page that the website will have, but doesn't have now, is
    critiques of other pages, and reviews. For example, I've got pro-and-con
    reviews of "Pandas and People" and some will be selected for links. And
    there will be critiques of policy papers (by NSTA, NAS,...) and responses,
    and so on. But there isn't much of this now.



          A basic approach, from the home-page for the Origins Theories area:
    > In contrast with most websites, which express only a single view of
    >origins, "a website of the ASA should reflect the diversity of views in
    >ASA and in the Christian community. ... Instead of providing the Origins
    >Answer, we'll explore interesting Origins Questions."

          In the "Accurate Information" introduction for the Origins Education
    homepage, I say "Although we won't be neutral, we will try to be fair, by
    providing an opportunity for representatives of different perspectives to
    clearly express their views."
          Since my non-neutral slant will be "pro-design, old earth" I'll provide
    opportunities for pro-evolution and young-earth proponents to state their
    cases. You (TEs and YECs) can suggest web-resources and write your own
    pages. And I'll revise my home-pages in response to your suggestions.
    I'm not sure about the details, but we'll improvise as we proceed.

          The evolution-and-design area of "Origins Evidence" will begin to take
    shape in June, and "age of the earth" sections will be added to all three
    areas (for religion, science, education) in July.

    Craig Rusbult

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