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    >However, this "science related" question has encouraged me to ask
    >another similar "science related" question. This one: Why did God
    >give women brains which are just as capable of teaching the Bible to
    >others as men's brains are, if He did not want women to teach the

    Throughout the Bible, God tends to select poorly qualified agents.
    He founds a nation through an elderly infertile couple and repeatedly
    emphasizes their lack of inherent appeal or merit. The Corinthian
    church members were predominantly not notable from a worldly
    viewpoint. God's strength is shown in our weakness. Thus, requiring
    elders to be male (assuming that is the correct interpretation of the
    I Tim. passages, etc.) cannot be used to argue that men are
    inherently any better for the job. In fact, it may reflect a greater
    tendency for us to laziness.

    An analogy may be seen in the differentiation among the Trinity, with
    inherent equality but functional differences.

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